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Boiler Room Unveils First VR Set with FJAAK and Google Daydream

Boiler Room Unveils First VR Set with FJAAK and Google Daydream

Boiler Room and Google have partnered to bring a new virtual underground experience to music fans.

The team behind Boiler Room have been streaming live sets around the world via YouTube ever since 2010. But the latest venture by Google,  titled VR Dancefloors: Techno in Berlin, will harness Boiler Room’s influence and audience power in order to immerse users in an underground party.

By use of a Daydream View controller, virtual ravers will be able to travel through a Berlin club, view art installations and interact with their surroundings all in the confides of their own home. Boiler Room is describing it as a “choose your own adventure” game, with hidden spaces, “interaction points,” and various rooms available to explore.

Boiler Room’s MO has always centered around using the latest accessible technology to unite online audiences around real-life music moments,” Steven Appleyard, Boiler Room’s chief business development officer, said in a statement.

This is why VR excites us: it represents the next stage of immersive, interactive, online music experience.”

In a press release Boiler Room Founder and CEO Blaise Bellville previously said.

We’ve always been driven by using technology to showcase the music we care about and give fans all around the world an authentic experience of the events and scenes they can’t be part of in person. Building the first ever music venue born for VR is a big evolution of that, creating immersive online experiences that bring people even closer to what it’s like being at a sweaty rave or an amazing concert half-way across the world.”

The set is a 15-minute performance by Berlin DJ trio FJAAK — compatible with Daydream VR and is available on the Inception VR app for Pixel and Google Daydream users.



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