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Denver Artists James Egbert & Nina Storey Unite for ‘Sound System’

Denver Artists James Egbert & Nina Storey Unite for ‘Sound System’

James Egbert is an artist firmly in control of his own destiny. So it is fitting that the Denver based producer enlisted the vocal talents of Nina Storey to feature on ‘Sound System’ with each on the cusp of achieving big things within their respected musical vocations.

‘Sound System’ wastes no time introducing the enchanting vocals of Nina Storey whose voice is perfect for the rushing synth and progressive bass combo that penetrates throughout. As the track grows so does that of Storey’s vocal presence as the listener is met with a euphoric, crescendo fuelled chorus that’ll stay in your subconscious long after the end of this year’s festival season. In which we imagine this track will be an undeniable hit.

On the track, Nina Storey said:

We wanted to create something not only timely but a record with a social conscience as well as a great dance groove.”

Check out ‘Sound System’ below.

Download a copy of ‘Sound System’ via iTunes.

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