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Q & A: Kindrid Talks Name Choice, Creativity & deadmau5

Q & A: Kindrid Talks Name Choice, Creativity & deadmau5

Kindrid is a Houston-based composer and EDM producer and one of the hottest emerging artists on the EDM scene.  Kindrid creates primarily half-time drumstep and bass music, and his musical influences can be heard in work by Au5, Rezz, No Mana, Direct, MrFijiWiji, Fractal, Notaker, Haywyre, Koda, ATTLAS, and Laszlo.

Kindrid’s original song “Demise” attracted the interest of deadmau5 on a broadcast and deadmau5 began working on a live remix that was viewed and shared by thousands of electronic music fans and prompting talk of a possible future collaboration.

We recently sat down for an interview to learn a little more about Kindrid Music, his background and future plans.

How did you choose the name Kindrid?

So my first alias was “Atmie” — this was meant to be a joke because @me would look pretty funny on Twitter and Instagram. As I wanted to be taken more seriously, I chose a name after a character in League of Legends called “Kindred” and I identified with this character in terms of creativity, logic, productiveness and determination. So I decided on the name Kindred, but it turned out that there are way too many people with that name, so I changed the “e” to an “i”.

When did you get started?

I started producing music about a year and a half ago, but I have been playing piano since I was three 3 years old. I have been a percussionist since high school. Today, I write music and use the Ableton Intro software.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

I always start with a melody.  Next, I make sure to include a piano tune from the Ableton and then I start playing chords until I find something that I like. I write the intro verse first, which is the opposite of what everyone else does, but it works for me. I finish off by writing the drop, which I try to make it have significantly more energy than the verse because I like contrast. I do most of the heavy sound design elements when I am writing the drops. Writing takes me an extremely long time because I’m a perfectionist. Often I will write a melody and start to flesh it out and then just delete it because it stops resonating with me.

What was it like to find out that deadmau5 liked your song?

It was a surreal experience.  He even joked that Monstercat Recordings and Spinnin Records would be interested in signing this track. Of course, I’ve heard about other talented artists, like Chris James, a Grammy-nominated producer and singer, being discovered virtually overnight by deadmau5 and other producers. But when it was my turn to get called out by deadmau5, I can hardly describe how amazing it felt to have one of my heroes remixing my music.

What is the future of the music business?

I think there is more amazing music being created now than ever before, especially in the EDM space. Even the Grammy Awards are starting to show appreciation for new formats. I think the industry will likely move back to a smaller, more label-based approach again.  The dominance of streaming services makes it incredibly difficult to make money off of music when you are small, but it also makes it much easier to get your music heard by a wider audience.

What are you working on now?

I am spending a lot of time in my home studio, and I am really excited about some of my most recent compositions. I am very motivated now and I have gotten some incredible support and encouragement from the music community for my Kindrid Music label. For me, it’s not about the money, but getting my music out there to as many people as possible. I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with deadmau5 in 2018, he has a tremendous openness to new sounds and a remarkable ability to take a good track and make it awesome.

Kindrid’s next release ‘Demise’ is now available which you can hear below

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