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Netrik Releases New Track Clunia

Netrik Releases New Track Clunia

There’s much that can be said about electronic dance music producers that can also play musical instruments. Possessing the talent and dedication required to pick up, learn and attempt to master an instrument such as guitar, bass, drums or piano requires adherence, time and effort. Which are three attributes Swiss producer, Netrik owns in abundance and which is evident in his music and indeed is piano playing.

As fans of the young Bern musical craftsman are aware, Netrik spent a number of years touring with a rather eclectic troupe of like-minded, versatile musicians before making a welcome return to the studio to begin a new musical journey. Although it quickly becomes apparent when listening to many of the tracks that are available on Netrik’s official Soundcloud such as Surprise, Bluelight & Navigator that he takes great inspiration and ingenuity from his years on the road playing Funk, Soul, Reggae and Raï (for those not aware Raï is a particular form of Algerian folk music that dates back as far as the 1920s) whilst traveling around Europe.

The last time Netrik, or David Loeffel as he is also known, appeared on EDM Rush was following the release of good-time, electronic disco roller ‘Suprise’ which was released digitally and independently at the start of the year and featured on numerous Spotify playlists such as M

After the release of ‘Surprise’, we assume Netrik went straight back to the studio to get to work on his latest release, ‘Clunia’. After we first heard Netrik the one attribute of his production prowess that really stood out for us was his ability to craft and carve an array of different electronic styles. When listening to his last single, ’Surprise’ compared to ‘Clunia’ you’ll hear what we mean. However, one thing that remains present is Netrik’s distinct lyrical flow which is delivered in an almost traditional,  rave MC like manner dispersed with uplifting vocal hooks which accompany the beat. Again Netrik opts for a breezy, cheerful sound design that bubbles fervently alongside a sprightly assortment of synths, hats and drum patterns to make for a bubbling springtime release.

On the background of the track, Netrik tells us;

The lead melody of Clunia was created from a photo of St Petersinsel on Lake Biel. There was a monastery belonging to the Order of Clunia. I then transformed the graphic into a linear drawing and adapted it to a midi track and tonal to make it more meaningful“.

Check out Netrik ‘Clunia’ below.

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