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DJ Koze To Release New Album

DJ Koze To Release New Album

DJ Koze will release his highly-anticipated new album ‘Knock Knock’ in May.

It’s been over five years since the ever-eccentric German producer and Pampa Records head put out a full-length LP having released a host of singles, EPs, and compilations in the meantime.

‘Knock Knock’ features an eclectic assortment of intriguing collaborations with artists such as Mano Le Tough, Bon Iver, José González, Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner, Róisín Murphy and Arrested Development’s Speech.

The first taster of the album came last October in the shape of ‘Seeing Aliens’ which featured as the soundtrack to a video ad for high-end German fashion designer Her Von Eden in which Koze made a brief cameo appearance.

Check out both ‘Seeing Aliens’ and the flip-side ‘Nein Kӧnig Nein’ below.

‘Knock Knock’ is released on May 4th 2via Pampa Records.

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