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Razors Through Flesh Cuts The Mustard

Razors Through Flesh Cuts The Mustard

Razors Through Flesh has just come onto the EDMR radar making her debut with us following the recent release of ‘Xenobiology Detected.’ If like we were, you weren’t aware of this emerging electronic dance prodigy before then you had made the same mistake we did. And boy, are we glad we have now rectified it.

Whilst the unsettling pseudonym evokes a dark image of pop culture horror noir characters, we thought of everyone from Jack The Ripper to Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees, there’s actually a more poignant meaning behind it. However, we go into that further within our Q&A feature which accompanies this review article below.

As a producer, Razors Through Flesh lives up to her name and her penchant for horror and sci-fi movies can be heard and almost felt within her distinct, nightmarish sound. This is compounded by a no-frills black and white artwork aesthetic featuring a red splash of colour to signify her producer alias.

When listening to the tracks available on her Soundcloud page it’s evident that she is a profoundly talented young artist who has a firm focus on what she wants to produce. Loosely labelling herself as a drum n producer her music incorporates various elements of EDM along an almost rap-metal like influence making for a truly intriguing musical amalgamation.

In our review laboratory is Razors Through Flesh most recent studio effort, ’The Song At The Centre of The World’ which is also set to feature on forthcoming album ‘Take Drugs, Kill Your Boyfriend!’

‘The Song At The Centre of The World’ is just what you’d expect from a track that takes its name from a quote from Hellraiser. An eerie introduction beckons on a dysfunctional bass which has been squashed against waves of 80s horror movie influenced synths. As the first drop breaks a marching, almost undead army of vocals reminiscent of a ghoulish church choir overrun the beat before a mutated guitar riff slices through the track’s multi-textured soundscape leaving everything for dead in its wake.


As an artist with so much to offer, we thought we should sit down with Razors Through Flesh to find more about what drives her to produce, the true meaning behind her name and what’s in store for the not so distant future.

Razors Through Flesh sounds dangerous. When was the last time you cut yourself?

Starting off with the tough questions, I like that. The regular self-injury is something I struggled with throughout my teenage years, but I managed to go into recovery from it when I was 19. I’ve had brief recurrences of it in the darkest moments of my life since then. However, to answer your question, it’s been 8 years since I regularly self-injured. To anyone out there still struggling, there are people out there who can help and who won’t judge. To Write Love On Her Arms is an amazing organisation and they run 24-hour helplines if you need to talk.

If you or you know anyone affected by the issues raised in this interview then help is available. Feel free to contact any of the EDMR team and we’ll direct you to websites and charities which are there to help such as To Write Love On Her Arms.

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