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REVIEW: FAB! & Say Whaat – FYS ‘([email protected]#% Your Socials)’

REVIEW: FAB! & Say Whaat – FYS ‘(F@#% Your Socials)’

FAB! & Say Whaat have returned to Ching Zeng for their latest release following their debut on the German bass & hip hop label earlier this year. The track, titled FYS ‘([email protected]#% Your Socials)’, features a seemingly tongue in cheek message for anyone that finds themselves hopelessly addicted to social media.  Embracing the trap end of the bass music spectrum ‘FYS’ is bursting with snapping synths and over the top rhythms that can spring and pop at any given opportunity.

Fans of the duo’s previous release ‘Blaze It Up’ will undeniably dig their follow up, FYS ‘([email protected]#% Your Socials) which is now available via now.

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