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REVIEW / Questions & Answers: Shawn Jermaine ‘LifeSize’

REVIEW / Questions & Answers: Shawn Jermaine ‘LifeSize’

Shawn Jermaine‘s music is almost as inimitable as his style, almost. The eccentric Cali-born artist walks an ever audacious line taking direction from some of US pop’s most prominent bi-gender artists. Whilst with his neon hair and PVC heavy look, Jermaine may not be the first artist to embrace their sexuality through music, it doesn’t mean to say it’s any less of a bold move to make.

Listening to ’LifeSize’ you get a feeling that Jermaine hasn’t had an easy start to life. Much of the track’s lyrical content touches on the perceived insecurities of its critics and in a trump-led America, whose to say there aren’t going to be any. The track itself incorporates shades of progressive house with elements of soft electronica which in-turn produce a deep and cerebral soundscape for Jermaine’s lyrics to penetrate.

A character such as Shawn Jermaine undoubtedly has lots to say, so we thought we’d fire a few questions over to him to find out a little more about the artist behind the track, ‘LifeSize.’

For those of us who don’t know, tell us about Shawn Jermaine?

ShawnJermaine is an innovator. Ahead of the curve, ahead of his time. An overall expression of ART. As a music artist, I take my life experiences and put them into my music. Everything I do is a production, from my songs to my costumes to my live performances. An overall storyteller, here to inspire people to be their true authentic selves freely.

You’ve listed your musical influences as a mixture of indie, pop, electro, and dance. But which genre has been the most influential to your sound?

I would definitely say that Pop music has been the most influential to my sound. It just makes me feel unstoppable and so happy! I also feel that with POP music, you can take any mood/situation and turn it into a different vibe! It’s so universal.

How does your ‘look’ relate to your sound?

My look relates to my sound by just being FLEXIBLE. My look is very multi-faceted, and that goes hand and hand with my sound.

Do you feel in 2017 that having a strong image to match your music is important?

If it were the old days, I would definitely say yes it is important; but being that it is 2017 and things are so different, I don’t believe that having a strong image to match your music is important because, one day an artist may feel one way and feel different another day, so it’s open grounds to be more diverse in your art nowadays, I believe people love that.

Describe your latest single ‘Life Size’ in five words?


What career path would have you chosen if you weren’t a musician?

If I wasn’t a musician, I would definitely be doing something creative, whether it be creative directing for other artists or artist development. The process of an artist being vulnerable, and finding their truth and sharing it is so inspiring so I would definitely want to be apart of something like that.

What’s next for Shawn Jermaine?

There are so many things next for Shawn Jermaine. My team and I will be hitting the road to bring the ‘MAINE’ experience to life. Many more opportunities for my supporters to meet me up close and personal, as well as putting out content that people will get to see a more in-depth look of my life and behind the scenes of where I’ve came from and how I’ve got to where I am, including where I’m going

What advice would you give to anyone trying to break into the music industry?

My advice for anyone trying to break into the music industry is to BE AUTHENTIC. Don’t try to follow the trend, because naturally people love what is UNIQUE and what STANDS OUT. Always be YOURSELF and STAY CONSISTENT

Shawn Jermaine ‘LifeSize’ is out now and available via itunes.

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