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Review: Skull N Tones ‘La Bamba’ Remix

Review: Skull N Tones ‘La Bamba’ Remix

Remixes are forever a subjective and divisive topic. From the early days of UK rave culture to the even earlier days of the Chicago house scene, electronic artists and producers the world over have always found a need to remix their own and their peers’ music. Sometimes for the good and some time for the not so good.

If you’re not aware of the term remix then the entire first paragraph above most probably made absolutely or little no sense to you at all. So allow me to quickly explain; a remix is a track or song that has been modified or altered from it’s original format by either adding, subtracting or simply completely changing certain elements which may make up the original. Aside from music then artwork, books, video, photographs and even clothing all have the capacity to be remixed. Though the aforementioned forms of media have only adopted the term more recently in a nod to the popularity of the remix culture within music, in particular electronic.

So, now that that has been explained, and to be honest I doubt that any of EDMR regular followers would have really needed it, but in-case they did, let’s move on to the core of this review article.

Skull N Tones are a US-based electronic duo with a steely focus on the darker elements of electronic dance music. Their social media numbers have steadily been growing since the last time we featured them following the release of the bass orientated trap roller, ‘Blaze’ in August of last year.

Using a smart play on words as their official pseudonym, the NYC and Brooklyn producers have also created an awesome brand for themselves based on cartoon avatars of balaclava-clad characters. Spawning an all black and white clothing line featuring hoodies, t-shirts and, of course, black and white balaclavas adorned with their signature white swirling faces in the process.

As like many of their peers in the sprawling trap & bass scene, Skull N Tones are big advocates of the live scene which is why their back catalogue – largely available via their Soundcloud – is brimming with remixes and re-edits of party anthems that are primed and ready for exposure at clubs, raves and festivals across the US and indeed the world.

Skull N Tones latest track bares all the hallmarks of the ingenious, devilish production the pair have become known for. Taking a timeless classic such as ‘La Bamba’ and remixing it into an uncompromising, big hitting trap cut is an audacious move, even for Skull N Tones. However, somehow, it works and works well. All the original components that make up the 1958 Mexican folk song are present, at least within the intro. But before long a creeping bassline begins to emerge shadowing the uptempo introduction and swarming the ageless vocals with large helpings of 808 that pound on what’s left of the lyrics as this relentless and surreal edit finally takes hold of the original.

Check out Skull N Tones remix of La Bamba below.

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